About us

Capcity is India’s first exclusive store for scrub caps. The founder of Capcity is a Dentist from Chandigarh. Having understood the importance of PPE for Healthcare workers during the Covid Pandemic, she realized the lack of good, reusable scrub caps in India. That’s how Capcity came into existence. We are a home-run business with the aim to provide doctors, dentists, nurses, and vets all over the country with fun scrub caps that look great while being environmentally friendly, something that was previously missing in India.

You can shop from our range of 90+ quirky customizable scrub caps and choose from many add-ons, like satin linings ( great for hair ), sweatbands ( cushions and absorbs sweat), and masks for buttons. You can get your name, favorite quote, clinic logo, or any motif you want to be customized on any scrub cap.

You can select whether you want a cap with ties or one with an elastic back that completely covers the hair. You can get it embellished with beads or embroidered by hand. And if you want a print that’s not available in our store, we can custom make it for you.


Ergonomic, Economic, and Environment friendly

Our vision is to have scrub caps for everyone, whether students, nurses, vets, dentists, or super specialists, in India or the rest of the world, whether you like loud, quirky prints or more subtle sober prints. We have scrub caps of all ranges in the store, from affordable swiss cotton scrub caps to premium satin-lined scrub caps in over 90 prints. There is no end to the type or amount of customization you can do to your Capcity scrub Cap.

Why CapCity

Because we understand doctors and know the power of a well-designed scrub cap, we know how wearing your favorite scrub cap can add to your confidence while tackling a tricky case and be an instant mood booster on crazy days.  Our Creative Head and Founder is a practicing dentist. Having a doctor in the lead, we can curate relevant and unique designs for each specialty ( Speciality Series) and the other collections we have, all carefully selected to make sure there’s something for everyone. 

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